Chantal Oosthuizen

Chantál surrendered her life to God at the early age of eleven. Soon after that she got filled with the Holy Spirit and was baptized by water immersion as a testament to her inner transformation. Chantál is best described as: Joyful, someone who has a Merry heart, is Loyal, Faithful; an Exhorter; a Prophet, a Passionate Lover and follower of Jesus. Jan & Chantál grew up in the same church and was always good friends, and later they would discover the path of Love and Marriage as God joined them together. They got married 29 December 1990, by this time Jan was already the Youth pastor of a local church while completing his Theological studies. During these early years of ministry, Chantál had to provide for an income and worked full-time as a personal assistant to the president of a large Workers Union called Salstaff.

In 1997 God spoke to Jan to plant a church in Stellenbosch, they first tried to find a placement within the Pentecostal Denomination where they served at the time. Initially they were drawn to the apostolic and prophetic Ministry of Dr. Andre & Nola Pelser – Harvester International Ministry. During a meeting they attended at Harvester, Dr. Andre randomly asked Jan & Chantál to come forward, calling all the prophets to stand. No one knew of God’s call for the new church plant that God has placed on Jan’s heart. The couple received 12 prophecies that night confirming the word in their heart. Once back at their church, God confirmed the word even further when the Presiding Pastor felt God spoke to him to let Jan go to fulfill the call on his life also knowing nothing of what transpired in Cape Town. Jan believes in honoring leadership and following protocol and therefore met the President of the AFM (Apostolic Faith Mission) Denomination Dr. Isak Burger. After hearing Jan’s testimony, he also released Jan with His blessing.

During their time of ministry at Harvester Milnerton Chantál was reminded of a prophecy she received when she was only 16 years old, that she will not remain behind a typewriter desk her whole life, but follow His high Calling on her life. At this time she worked full time and had to assist with several church duties and responsibilities. Soon afterward God began moving the circumstances, and Chantál had to decide to obey and trust God. Since moving to Citrusdal in 2000, she has stood with Jan in full-time ministry as a Prophet, Pastoral Counsellor and Exhorter to the church. She mainly feels a passion for women, and over the years have ministered to women through various events.

She is a spiritual Mother to many, who follow Christ in her the hope of Glory.