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Embark on a transformative journey to uncover the REAL Jesus Christ, beyond the multitude of interpretations that have emerged over centuries. Our meticulously crafted course, “Jesus: The Best Life Ever Lived,” delves deep into the heart of the Gospels and the entirety of the Bible, complemented by the latest archaeological findings. We reconstruct the world as it was in Jesus’ time, offering you a vivid, historical backdrop against which the life of Jesus unfolds.

Guided by the insights of over 100 esteemed writers, each specializing in different facets of Jesus’ life and teachings, this course presents a multifaceted and comprehensive portrait of one of history’s most enigmatic figures. In this course, you will discover all the paradoxes of character, His divinity and humanity, His revolutionary yet pacifist nature, His embodiment as a poor yet spiritually rich man, His role as a servant leader, and His life as a holy yet approachable middle-eastern artisan from Galilee.

Join us on this enlightening course to rediscover Jesus, not just as a historical figure but as a living inspiration who continues to shape lives and hearts today. Whether you are deepening your faith or exploring new spiritual horizons, this course offers a unique and enriching perspective on “Jesus: The Best Life Ever Lived.”

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What does other Spiritual Leaders say of the Course

The idea that Jan puts forward that Christians should stop trying to be like Jesus and spend more time with Him

“Jan Oosthuizen is a man of many talents. He is specifically called by the Lord Jesus Christ. We have known each other for a long time and we are co-workers in the vineyard of God. He became part of Harvester International Ministries about 25 years ago and like me, he comes from the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa.
The zeal that Jan shows is a special feature in his and Chantál’s lives. They are also striving in other areas of their community to alleviate the country’s problems. Their influence on the West-Coast was widely accepted and appreciated, especially among the farming community.
I can truly testify that Jan is faithful in the least and that the Lord appointed him over many more.
In the time in which we live, more and more efforts are being made to suspect, belittle and turn away Jesus as the Son of God. It happens in the media and even in churches.
The idea that Jan puts forward that Christians should stop trying to be like Jesus and spend more time with Him, in other words, in His presence, in the Holy Scriptures and among believers, is a good guide for the seeking soul who longs to find His righteousness. Dr. Roy M. Gray, who was my teacher in Miracle Valley, Arizona, said, “you become what you observe.”
The historical overview of the book covers a large part of history with a view to the existence of Christ and is an appropriate support for the book. The complete index of referral schemes gives evidence that good research has been done and much thought done, before pen was put on paper.
As Luke wrote two books to convince one man, Theophilus, of the truth about Christ, so Jan has dedicated himself to conveying the truth about His Saviour, Jesus Christ, to us. This is another proof of the existence and reality of the Son of God on earth, without whom no one can be saved. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to God except through Him. (John 14: 6).”
Dr. Andre Pelser
Founder of Harvester International Ministries en Reformational Churches.

“Besides the Bible, this book is one of the best “revelations” of Jesus’ diversity, yet His harmonious centeredness in Himself

“Besides the Bible, this book is one of the best “revelations” of Jesus’ diversity, yet His harmonious centeredness in Himself. The accurate detail in which Jan presents Jesus as an example makes Him the most desirable standard to live by. It encourages intimacy with the living Jesus, as well as a sense of ‘privilege’ to be associated with the Person who has historically made the greatest impact on the world.” 
Dr Arno van Niekerk
The Christian Consensus, Mighty Families, Visionary Leader of Time to Rise

“This is definitely not a fun-read for “lazy students”

“This is definitely not a fun-read for “lazy students”. But if it’s your heart’s desire to know Jesus better, read the book! 
The essence of the Good News is recorded in Colossians 1:27 – “Christ IN us”!  In this book, Jan focuses on the comprehensive identity and ministry of Christ, but also on the life-change that takes place when Jesus lives in us. To live radically differently as citizens of the Kingdom here and now (that is our calling), is only possible when the King comes to live His life in and through us. Only Jesus! Jesus alone!” 
Hennie Viljoen
Amos Agrimin (Living and Farming God’s Way)

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